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Last week, prior to the Tift Merritt show, Diane and I ate at the World Cafe Live’s upstairs restaurant, where they also have nightly entertainment. The cool thing about eating there around dinnertime: the night’s performer(s) are doing their soundcheck(s). Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not, but either way – it’s free.

We’ve discovered a handful of acts as a result, including the Dove & the Wolf.

Anyway, onward – here’s today’s Top 5: New-to-Me Artists.

1) T Sisters – “American Tune.” Sisters Erika, Rachel and Chloe Tietjen harmonize with the ease that comes from a lifetime of singing together. Last week, they turned not just my head, but Diane’s. Here they are singing the Paul Simon classic…

2) Savannah Philyaw – “Better Without You.” So I discovered, and featured, this promising singer-songwriter a little ways ago. Here’s a brand-new tune from her:

3) Natalie Gelman – “Hallelujah.” Another, even more recent discovery is Natalie Gelman, who I found via Twitter. Here she is singing the Leonard Cohen classic…

4) The MonaLisa Twins – “A World Without Love.” German sisters relocate to Liverpool to pursue their Beatle dreams – and make wonderful music. Here they are singing the Peter & Gordon classic that was written by Paul McCartney,

5) Postmodern Jukebox (with Joey Cook) – “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” Joey, of course, went far in American Idol a few years back. This is something she did with Postmodern Jukebox a month or so ago…

Yeah, yeah, yeah: I borrowed the title from S.E. Hinton, whose 1971 novel charts the different life paths that two close friends choose to take. Or did I borrow it from the Monkees, who had a Top 20 hit with a song of the same name in 1986?

You be the judge.

After this weekend’s prior Top 5s (March 1983 and January 1994), I think it only appropriate to feature some new music – what I’ve been grooving to for the past week, basically.

1) Courtney Marie Andrews – “Put the Fire Out.” As I wrote last week, Courtney’s album Honest Life is simply stunning – everything good about music can be found in its grooves (or bytes). Earlier this week, she released a video for “Put the Fire Out”…

2) Lucy Rose – “Floral Dresses.” The British singer-songwriter released this gem of a song, which features the Staves on harmonies, just a few days back.

3) The Staves – “Tired as Fuck.” And speaking of the Staves, who we’re slated to see this Thursday, there’s this single, released on Feb. 10th. It goes to show that even a profanity can be made to sound heavenly….

4) The Staves – “America.” And here the Staves are again, in a video released just two days back, singing this wondrous song (from their 2015 Blood I Bled EP) in a recent soundcheck.

5) Savannah Phylaw – “Love Remains.” The San Diego-based singer-songwriter, who I discovered via Twitter, released this song at the end of last year.