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rumer_this_girlSince the project was announced, I’ve assumed that Rumer’s This Girl’s in Love: A Bacharach & David Songbook, which is now slated for release on November 25th, will be a positively sublime collection based on the theory of “That Voice + Those Songs = Aural Bliss.” And, now, here’s proof that the theory has, at last, become a law:

True, 30-second clips of the songs may not tell the entire story…but they tell enough. So, for today’s Top 5: That Voice + Those Songs = Aural Bliss.

1) “Walk on By” –

2) “Balance of Nature” =

3) “(They Long to Be) Close to You” –

The above three tracks have already been released to folks who’ve preordered the album on iTunes. These next two are performances from (long) before this particular project, but they point out just how well Rumer’s voice meshes with Bacharach-David songs:

4) “A House Is Not a Home” –

5) “What the World Needs Now” –

And here’s one bonus, from a performance with the Metropole Orchestra in 2011. (That entire show, which was broadcast on the radio, should be officially released at some point, as it’s truly astounding.)