Today’s Top 5: Unadulterated New Wave, 1979-83

1) Blondie – “Dreaming” (1979)

2) Boomtown Rats – “I Don’t Like Mondays” (1979)

3) The Pretenders – “Talk of the Town” (1980)

4) The Go-Go’s – “Our Lips Are Sealed” (1980)

5) Kim Wilde – “Kids in America” (1981)

And two bonuses:

6)  Romeo Void – “Never Say Never” (1982)

7) The Call – “The Walls Came Down” (1983)

2 thoughts

  1. Excuse my ignorance but I had to look up “unadulterated” in my trusty copy of Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary (©1965) and it means what I thought it did so I am glad I took the time. (The dictionary was a high school graduation gift for my Mom as she headed off to college in the Fall of 1965, as yet unaware I was along for the ride!)

    This list is a great list and includes my favorite Blondie song as well as several of my other all-time favorite songs with probably the Pretenders song being the weakest of the bunch which is saying a lot. Am positive that all of these songs have at one time or another been found together on one or more of my favorite mixtapes from the era. This one sprung to mind almost instantly but it only contains “The Walls Came Down” from your list of 8 songs.

    Were you a mixtape maker back then? I know you began buying cassettes after you scored a boom box for Christmas 1982 but have yet to come across any mention of mixtapes. Yet. I’ll keep reading.


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