Opal – Happy Nightmare, Baby

For those who aren’t familiar with Opal, which is one of the great lost rock bands of the ’80s, they were the precursor to Mazzy Star (“Fade Into You”). They released a few EPs and one LP, Happy Nightmare, Baby, which is where these two songs hail from.

The album is long out of print and not available on the streaming services, but is well worth tracking down. “Soul Giver” is just tremendous –

And “Supernova” is, too.

For anyone who wants to check out the album as a whole, someone uploaded it to YouTube:

11 thoughts

  1. Glory be!

    It was kind of a bummer day and then I read your post shining the light on Opal just before calling it a night. Opened up the lossless digital library on a hunch, did a quick search and EUREKA! Lost treasure for sure. Strapped on the Grados, killed the lights, listened to the dreamy drone (a compliment!) and shed the burden of the day in jsut a few minutes. Ah, the power of music.

    Thanks, Jeff.


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