The Staves: If I Was

I often hear (and read) other music fans about my (middle) age say that good music isn’t being made anymore. That’s not the case, of course, and in past posts I’ve spotlighted a few (relatively) new acts that point out the fallacy of such statements. Here’s another example.

The Staves are three sisters from Britain who sound like they stepped out of the late ’60s or early ’70s. I discovered them, as I often do new (and new-to-me) acts, via a review in my favorite music magazine, Mojo. It’s a Brit magazine available in Barnes & Noble bookstores in the U.S. – usually delayed by a month. I skim the reviews, look for anything that may appeal to my sensibilities. In the case of If I Was, the phrases “acoustic folk,” “bold melodic flourishes” and “harmonies and heartbreak” leapt off the page.

The Staves Review

I looked ‘em up on YouTube the same day, liked what I heard and ordered the album; and I’ve been enjoying it since. If I Was is, primarily, a mellow, harmony-laden affair, though “mellow” doesn’t mean the music doesn’t pack a punch. It’s mesmerizing. Here’s a taste:

And one more:

Emily, Jessica and Camilla blend their voices as if, as I said in my previous post, a distaff Crosby, Stills & Nash. They also trade lead vocals in such a way that the result is an intertwining slice of heaven – “Make It Holy” is aptly named, in that regard.

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