Courtney Marie Andrews: Heart and Mind

Courtney Marie Andrews shared this WMOT Roots Radio 89.5 FM clip on her Facebook page. Thought I’d pass it along for those don’t follow her there, along with her remarks:

“If you’ve been to a live show of mine recently, you’ve probably heard me tell the story of ‘Heart and Mind.’ I wrote the song at a Love’s Truck stop. It reached out and grabbed me and shook me to my core. The idea had waited patiently in the back of my mind for so long, and had grown so real, it finally came fully formed that day.

“This tune was written for any women who have ever felt objectified, or been sexually abused, or who have felt shame in their own body because of society’s unrealistic beauty standards. It’s about being strong, and refusing to bow down and give in. It’s asking others to be more aware, and take responsibility for their words and actions.”

I’d add: It’s a powerful song and performance, which – according to the YouTube description – was recorded at Belmont United Methodist Church in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville. Give it a listen. Follow her on Facebook. Buy Honest Life, her last album. And be sure to see her in concert if/when she comes to your neck of the woods.

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