Today’s Top 5: Wales

Posted: September 7, 2015 in 2010s, Top 5
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A misty haze lingered over the backyard this Labor Day morn the way, I imagine, it lingers over the rolling hills of Wales – I half expected King Arthur and Guinevere to come floating forth from the fog via some sort of time-capsule vessel.

1) Duffy – “Rockferry”

2) The School – “Can’t Understand”

3) The Yearning – “If I Can’t Have You”

4) The Lash – “Lips”

5) Greta Isaac – “Oh Babe”

And a few bonus tracks…

6) Jodie Marie – “Only One I’m Thinking Of”

7) Duffy – “Oh, Boy”

8) The School – “Do I Love You?”

9) Greta Issac – “Down by the Water”

  1. […] to discover a new musical artist – and such was the case last week, while researching the Top 5: Wales list. The plan, born after a recent listen to Duffy’s Rockferry album, was simple: spotlight […]


  2. […] The Yearning has an odds-and-sods compilation on Elefant Records due out on Feb. 10th: From Dusk to Dawn (2011-2014). As everything Yearning, the songs that I’ve heard are delectable slices of dreamy retro-pop – think Phil Spector, but with a more fragile, airier vibe. […]


  3. […] a single-name singer. I also learned that her first name is Aimée, Duffy her last, and that she hails from Wales, which seems to produce more musicians per capita than any other country. Anyway, I remember […]


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