Mikaela Davis: Disposable Camera…

Posted: August 10, 2018 in 2010s, 2018, Mikaela Davis
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So, as I’ve noted before, I fell for Mikaela Davis’ music in March 2017, when she opened for the Staves at the World Cafe Live. After the show, I purchased her five-song EP, ripped the songs to my library, and enjoyed them off-and-on over quite a few months. I liked it enough, in fact, that I pre-ordered her new album, Delivery, without a second thought despite having an Apple Music subscription.

Here’s one highlight from the album:

Here’s another: 

And here’s a third:

At her best, she reminds me a bit of Stevie Nicks, as her songs are at once airy and intense. They float like feathers, yet are weighted by way-cool melodies and vocals.

In addition to the album, however, I picked up a “premium” item from her Web store. To quote from said store, “Mikaela will take ten disposable cameras on the road. The camera will be shipped to you, undeveloped. This is your chance to own an exclusive photo set – one of a kind.”

I assumed, as perhaps only I would, that the photos would be as interesting and cool as her music. Maybe shots of a few cities visited, touristy sites seen, venues played, and rehearsal/concert shots, with Mikaela in most of them. But I was wrong.

Live and learn.

Here’s the entire roll (as developed by CVS):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. […] original plan was to review this album alongside the disposable camera I’d ordered, but the camera was delayed…and then processing the film took two weeks. […]


  2. Mikaela says:

    Hey, I’m sorry you didn’t like the pictures. We wanted to give fans something unique that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet of us being in our natural state. We love the pictures and hoped anyone who received them would love them too. Thank you anyway for posting, I’ve been looking forward to seeing some of these make their way to the internet and my band had a great trip down memory lane scrolling through. x Mikaela

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  3. Steve says:

    I bought a camera and actually have not developed them. I don’t care what are on the photos! I think it was an AWESOME idea, and feel lucky to have the chance to be someone with original copies. I hope Mikaela and who ever she plays with continue to subdue my ears and thoughts with her harp and more-dynamic-than-stevie-nicks-voice!


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