Top 5 for Sunday, 5/17/2015

Today’s Top 5 – mesmerizing moments from concerts I’ve attended, drawn from clips I’ve uploaded to YouTube.

5) The Rascals – “How Can I Be Sure,” from the Academy of Music in 2013. An absolute delight of a concert. (I wrote a little bit about it here.)

4) Diane Birch – “Tell Me Tomorrow” & “Superstars,” from the World Cafe Live Upstairs in 2013. This is a double-shot from that night, featuring songs from her five-star 2013 Speak a Little Louder album.

3) Jackson Browne – “Running on Empty,” from the Academy of Music in 2014. This song never gets old. (I reviewed the show here, for anyone interested.)

2) The Bangles – “Eternal Flame,” from the World Cafe Live, 2014. This was a perfect end to a perfect show (which I wrote about here).

1)  First Aid Kit – “Heaven Knows,” from the Union Transfer, 2014. This song makes me smile wide every time I listen to it. We’re seeing them again in July, hopefully it’s still in their set. And, yes, I wrote about the night – you can read it here.

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