Remember December: My Overall Top 20 Posts of 2020

The Old Grey Cat is wrapping up a banner year – it’s had more visitors and page views over the past 12 months than all of 2014, ’15, ’16 and ’17 combined. (Truly, that stat staggers my mind.) One reason, of course, is the pandemic – with everyone stuck at home, the more time we’ve spent online. Another reason: the wealth of archival posts I’ve accrued since launching this blog in July 2014Unlike new posts, which thrive due to Facebook (and occasionally Twitter), older entries subsist from search engines – Google, especially.

Like most weekend bloggers, I’m sure, I share new posts to my personal Facebook page – where friends generally ignore or miss them – as well as to corresponding Facebook groups. (I don’t join groups to post links, however; that would be rude. Most are fan communities I’ve been a part of for years.) Then, after the figurative FB fire goes out, search engines occasionally reignite the flame. Such has always been the case for this blog, at any rate.

And, with that, here are my overall Top 20 posts of the year (along with the dates that I posted them).

  1. Neil Young: The Best of the Unofficial Canon (9/27/2015)
  2. First Impressions: Neil Young’s Archives II (12/13/2020)
  3. Of Concerts Past: Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band in Philadelphia, 9/24/1999 (7/6/2019)
  4. First Impressions: Bruce Springsteen – The Live Series: Stripped Down (7/25/2020)
  5. The Natalie Merchant Collection – The Review (7/4/2017)
  6. Melody Gardot: Live in Europe – The Review (2/11/2018)
  7. The Essentials: Maria McKee’s Life Is Sweet (6/23/2018)
  8. Shelby Lynne: Here I Am (Movie & Soundtrack) – The Review (8/12/2018)
  9. First Impressions: “Letter to You” by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (9/12/2020)
  10. The Essentials: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Broken Arrow (12/22/2017)
  11. The Essentials: Juliana Hatfield – God’s Foot demos (7/26/2020)
  12. The Essentials: Neil Young – Time Fades Away (5/5/2018)
  13. About (7/12/2014)
  14. Today’s Top 5: Linda Ronstadt’s Rare TV Appearances (1/21/2019)
  15. First Impressions: Neil Young’s Homegrown (6/20/2020)
  16. First Impressions: Melody Gardot’s “From Paris With Love” (6/21/2020)
  17. Neil Young & the Santa Monica Flyers: ROXY – Tonight’s the Night Live -The Review (4/28/2018)
  18. Neil Young’s 1973, Part I: Lonely Weekend, Last Dance, the Tonight’s the Night Acetate (& More) (4/24/2018)
  19. The Essentials: Jackson Browne’s Late for the Sky (2/16/2020)
  20. Today’s Top 5: Linda Ronstadt – Duets (2/12/2017)

(For my Top 20 New Posts of 2020, click here.)

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