Juliana Hatfield: A Letter & a Lock (of Hair)

So I can say this: Juliana Hatfield once wrote me a letter and sent me a chunk of her hair. How many folks can say that? Mind you, she didn’t mail either to me because we know each other, but – as I explained yesterday – because of PledgeMusic. They were premiums she offered up that I, in turn, clicked on and bought.

The letter is way cool. As you can read below, she talks about the recording process for the project, her dogs and life stuff. The fact that she took the time to actually write more than “hello” and “thank you” (which is kinda what I expected) says much about her. It’s my favorite of the premiums I picked up, even more than the posters (two of which have yet to be framed). The chunk of hair, on the other hand…it’s a tad bizarre, I admit, but my faithful feline companion thinks it’s sweet. She smells of dog(s)!

What I really, really wanted that project was either a song-to-order or cover song (I forget which, now, as her three – or four? – Pledge projects have blurred together for me), but the price was – for my budget – a tad steep. So I settled, but settled for a true conversation starter. The funny thing is, if she’d turned to PledgeMusic to fund Pussycat and I had the cash, I’d have asked for an anti-Trump number. Something snappy and funny, like this:

Anyway, here’s the letter:

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